Flight Booking

Why we’ve chosen  Kiwi.com

Our  Travelgo team is dedicated to finding the most affordable, most reliable and the ultimate care-free holiday destinations for our potential fellow travellers. An integral part of a memorable trip is buying airfare tickets. The reason we chose Kiwi.com is because their user-friendly, easily assessible services are one of a kind on the market. Kiwi.com doesn’t only find you the cheapest possible price but there’s always a guarantee that in case of cancelled and delayed flights you’re still covered. No wonder why Kiwi.com is one of the fastest growing companies in Central Europe:
  • The company was established in Brno, Czech Republic in 2012 with the intention of accessible and simple travel for everyone
  • Today it employes 1900 people in nine countries
  • 25.000 seats are sold daily
  • Their sales were over $925 million last year
  • The winners of several awards in the travel industry
  • 24/7 customer support via chat, call or email in 17 languages

What’s special about Kiwi.com?

It really finds you the most affordable flight for your budget

Kiwi.com searches for the cheapest route, regardless of codeshares. While other flight search engines will try to get passengers booked through their entire route on either the same airline or airlines with codeshares, Kiwi will look at all of the cheapest options, even if it means putting travellers on two separate flights – where they have to check in again during their layover – or sending them to a random airport completely off route.

You are covered

Kiwi offers a guarantee that covers cases of flight delays, cancellations and schedule changes. If any of these happen, Kiwi will recommend and buy you an alternative flight to your destination or refunds the price of your unused ticket(s).

The strongest flight search engine in the travel industry

With its radius-based search you will be able to look not only for cities but regions as well. It’s a flexible, creative and time-saving method where you can search for multiple departure and destination points, not only for one at a time.  It can also help you to plan your trip more accurately: if they know what your budget is, they can tell you what destinations you can afford, where to fly. With the search engine we have the option of flexible search for flights with no specific dates, a set range of dates or a specific duration. We can save time and money with these revolutionary search techniques.

Useful Tips for Kiwi.com

If you truly want to save money on your flights, it’s the number one rule that needs to be followed. Early booking means searching for and buying your ticket at least three months prior to your trip. In fact, the earlier, the better. Many times when you check the price of the days after or before your desired departure/arrival date, you can find considerable discounts. On Kiwi.com there’s a month by month calendar that shows you exactly how much tickets cost each day. Even when you’ve selected specific dates, the search engine will show you the cheaper options for the rest of the days in that month. If you have a chance to be flexible with your dates, you’ll be able to save some extra money.

Book your flight in advance and be a wee bit flexible with your travel dates

We are following a lot of travel sites, blogs and anything that’s related to travelling so we can be up-to-date and well informed. We have noticed that highly experienced or ’expert’ travellers all use Kiwi.com and they refer to it as the best flight search engine available. They all agree on ranking Kiwi.com a lot higher than Skyscanner, Kayak or Momondo. In this article we have already written about Kiwi.com and explained how the company and their search engine work. In this article we’re sharing more tips to help you find the cheapest flight tickets.

Always check nearby airports and cities

Airports that are close to one another might have very different flight ticket prices. It’s not uncommon that the price difference is 50 percent! Kiwi.com’s search engine allows you to to see ticket prices of different airports wherever you direct the cursor around your departure spot (radius-based search). By doing this you can save a lot of money. While you’re at it you can check other destinations from those nearby airports and see where else you could plan a trip to. If your ideas are not too specific you might bump into a place with a bargain you have never thought of.

Use search filters

When you’re determined to find the best possible ticket price but at the same time you have some specific conditions, use filters. Bad experience with an airline? Just select which airlines you don’t want to fly with. Would you like a direct flight or you don’t mind a layover? Which airport would you like to arrive in? These questions/answers can all be factored in when booking a flight. Once you’ve selected your departure and arrival dates, Kiwi.com automatically selects the cheapest, the shortest and their recommended flights. Simply choose what’s best and most convenient for you.

Set up price alert

If you have a specific budget for your tickets and you don’t really have time to search, you can place a price alert for your chosen destination. This means that Kiwi.com will inform you via email as soon as they have found an offer for you that’s below your selected maximum. It’s not only a cool thing to do but a helpful feature to have.

Pay attention to baggage policies

This day and age it’s not too difficult to find inexpensive tickets. Many airlines lure you in with cheap offers but they don’t include baggage (or they might allow you a small cabin bag only). Because of this ’nuance’, always confirm if baggage is included in the price or not before booking. If  you’ve booked your flight with no extra luggage but later realise that you need it, it could cost you more through Kiwi.com than if you booked it directly with the airline (it has to be done through Kiwi.com if you used them for booking your flights in the first place). First it might sound inconvenient but you can actually end up paying less for the extra luggage than if you bought it directly from the airline. Kiwi.com deals with many different airlines at once and instead of charging exactly what each airline charges for extra luggage, they have their own set price-list. This is an average of the luggage costs for different airlines which means that in some cases Kiwi.com might charge you less than the airline does, while in other cases you might end up paying more (never as much, though as you’d pay for extra luggage at the airport). Nonetheless, it’s worth keeping in mind. We hope you’ll be able to make good use of these tips. Mind the basics as well: personal data (name, passport number, etc.) and dates should always be entered correctly to avoid unnecessary complications.

Kiwi.com is always there for you

During your trip there’s off-line access to your documents (including your boarding pass) anywhere, any time. There are notifications to help your journey, messages with discount fares and offers. If you’ve given them your personal details, they can arrange your online boarding for you. Their award winning customer service is always there to help.