Currency exchange

Why have we chosen Revolut?

Our ultimate aim at Travelgo is to provide you with the best possible travel experience. To be able to do just that we have chosen the most reliable partners with exceptional services in the field of airfares, accommodation, travel insurance, car rental and banking. A carefree and relaxed holiday cannot be imagined without hassle free financial services and sensible exchange rates. We think that the most qualified company to serve travellers best is Revolut. Revolut is one of the most innovative banking and currency exchange business that has revolutionised (hence its name) how we bank these days. Revolut has realised that old-fashioned banks are unable to accommodate the needs and habits of younger generations; they have found a niche market for new-age banking. The Guardian, The Times or CNN have all covered their story and praised their fresh approach.

  • Revolut started as a British startup in 2015
  • In the last three years they have got more than 2 million customers
  • They have amassed over 150 million pounds in transactions
  • The company’s worth is over 15 billion pounds

What Revolut does (that others don’t)

  • Their app-based account makes banking more efficient and a much faster experience
  • Its international transfer is completely free of charge and what’s more, it’s done with the real exchange rate (a lot more appealing than any bank or exchange office rates
  • Its cards are mainly free to use in more than 130 countries
  • Free ATM cash withdrawal, free or affordable travel, phone and life insurance as well as person-to-person loans
  • You can buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies with Revolut
  • You can open an app-based account within a few minutes; your account can be in euro or pound; you can hold and exchange 24 currencies in the app with the real exchange rate
  • Apart from personal accounts, you can open a business account as well
  • You can transfer money anywhere within seconds
  • There’s an instant spending notification and built-in budgeting in the app
  • They offer flexible and affordable travel insurance
  • Lost or misplaced cards can be frozen/unfrozen from the app in an instant

Not only the premium but their standard plan is worth opening

Their basic or standard plan includes either a Visa or a Master card (it costs €5), free UK current account, free IBAN euro account, no fee exchange in 24 fiat currencies up to £5000 /€5000 per month and no fee for ATM withdrawals up to £200.

Their premium plan is €7.99 and it expands on the standard account: no fee ATM withdrawals up to £400 per month, no monthly limit on 24-fiat currency exchanges, free travel/medical/delayed flight/baggage insurance and priority customer support (to name but a few)

Travelgo customers can open a Revolute account and get a free card if you click ’order’ below.


  1. Download the app using the “order” link above
  2. Create a new account in one minute
  3. Verify your account and top-up at least €10
  4. Order your card for free💯