Car rental

Travelgo considers it important that the services used while travelling are of high standard or quality. Along with accommodation and travel insurance, we’d like to make you car rental experience easier as well.  The reason why we chose Car Target for our partner is not only because it’s one of the largest rental services in the world but because it’s one of the most reliable companies out there. Car Target makes 500.000 reservations a year at the lowest possible prices. They assist you to find the most suitable car for you. In their quest they collaborate with companies such as Hertz, Enterprise, Budget or Avis.

The Secret to your Streess-free Car-rental Experience

Renting a car while on holiday has its many blessings. You are a lot more flexible if you’re not dependent on public transport. It gives you a sense of freedom to stop anywhere you like, discover places you might not have visited if you took the train or the bus. Renting a car lets you have spontaneous side-trips or short stops on the way, that can be more memorable than carefully planned journeys. Before your travel, however, it’s a good idea to make sure you know what make and model you need and what extras should the car come with. To make the best decisions when renting a car, we’d like to give you a few tips:

Choose Wisely

There are a number of rental categories available and it is important to book the car with enough space to meet your needs. When you travel with children or a considerable amount of luggage, you might want to pay more to rent a larger vehicle such as a sedan/saloon or an SUV. If you’re looking to save money on fuel and rates, however, the smaller the car the better off you are. Then, there’s always a choice to pick a manual or an automatic. Specify your preference beforehand; you’re going to be driving in a foreign country, you don’t want to stress yourself out with some unfamiliar transmission you’re not confident to use.

Mind the Details

Before you book online, read and understand the conditions of the car rental. Are there any age restrictions? Are there any extra fees for additional drivers? Do you have to pay extra for the child/booster seat? What exactly does the insurance cover? If you arrive late to the pick-up point, how long will your car be held?

In order to avoid extra charges at the end, you’d better find answers to the above questions before you confirm your booking.

Be Knowledgeable  about Damage Waivers

A damage waiver is offered by most rental firms but customers usually pay extra for that. If you pay the additional fee for it it will reduce your financial liability in case of a crash (to about $150) but at the same time will most likely increase your daily cost. After a careful consideration you need to decide how much risk you’re willing to take or what benefits obtaining the waiver can have.

Check the Car Thoroughly

At the time of collecting the car there are a couple of things to remember before driving off. It is crucial to inspect the car for damage. Every tiny bit of scruff and scratch should be noted, and if there’s anything that is not marked on the diagram in the rental contract but you’ve spotted it, make them aware of it before you’d sign the document. Take pictures as well, if you can.

Take Time to Get Settled in the Car

Before using your rental, get familiar with the vehicle. Check where the controls are: note how you turn on the headlights, windsceen wipers, air-conditioning, radio and the heaters. You don’t want to be distracted while driving. It goes without saying that you need to be familiar with the rules of the road as well. In some places, your headlights should be on at all times; in others you need to carry breakdown equipment in the car or risk being fined.

Returning the Rental

If you didn’t opt for the pre-paid fuel plan (which is usually a more expensive choice) fill up the tank a few kilometers before you arrive at the drop-off. If you return the car near an airport, be aware that fuel prices can be considerably higher. After a long drive it might be tempting to drop off the car keys and leave immediately.Please don’t do that. Double-check if you’ve taken your belongings out of the car and wait for someone to check the car, The fact that there are no issues with the car and no extra cost to pay will put your mind at ease.