Airport Compensation

Why have we chosen Airhelp?

We like to pay attention to details at Travelgo. Our aim is to give you the best possible experience with your travels but at the same time, we’re prepared for unforeseen difficulties as well. The reason we teamed up with Airhelp is that this company can duly represent travellers’ rights. If you get in trouble with your flight, let it be a delay, overbooking or cancellation, Airhelp will be there for you to assist you with flight compensation without any delay.

Did you know

  • that there are 30.000 flight cancellations a month worldwide and the number of daily delayed flights is 20 times higher?
  • One in 10 air passengers experience flight delays at least once in their lifetime?
  • 95% of those who submit their claim by themselves will not see any flight compensation due to bureaucratic barriers put up by the airlines?
  • European airlines owe €3 billion in compensation to air passengers?

How to Claim Compensation for Flight Delays

Click this link to find out if you are eligible for flight compensation: Flight delays are a nightmare for travellers. However, it’s possible to get flight delay compensation for travel disruptions. This easy-to-follow video shows you how to turn your airport nightmare into your payday.

Who They are

  • 700 employees
  • 13M passengers helped
  • In-house legal framework in 35 countries
  • Global leader in“Air Passenger Rights”
  • Offices in Berlin, Barcelona, Gdansk, Krakow and New York

What they will do?

“We help air passengers get money back from airlines when their flight is delayed”

AirHelp is an online legal service that helps air passengers get compensation from airlines when their flight gets canceled, delayed, or overbooked. 

AirHelp takes care of all the paperwork and legal communications with the airline on behalf of the passengers and claims 25% of the compensation obtained as its service fee. The compensation amount varies between €250 to €600 based on the distance flown by the flight and the duration of the delay experienced by the passenger at the final destination.

AirHelp was launched in 2013 by Greg Roodt, Henrik Zillmer, and Nicolas Michaelsen.

The Airhelp team has 700 highly qualified professionals with at least 6 years of experience in the aviation industry. The company’s mission is to claim compensations for every passenger in the easiest and fastest way possible. As the company sees it, a lot of disruptions could be avoided if airlines cared about their passengers as much as they care about their massive profits.

Disrupted flights cause inconvenience not only to travellers but also to the airports and anyone whose work depends on flights arriving on time. It is clear for them that every single journey is equally important and what it means to be stuck at the airport or to change travel plans the very last minute.

In order to claim the withheld billions in compensations back, we need someone who can represent air passengers’ rights in an effective manner in the maze of bureaucratic excuses and tricks played on travellers.

Airhelp can help passengers promptly and effectively.

How does Airhelp work?

Airhelp -a Global leader in “Air Passenger Rights” in the field of airline claims- is operating under EU Regulation EU 261/2004.

Their customer service team helps clients to assess what compensation they’re entitled to. There is a simple, four-step form to fill out so the team can check eligibility. Their ’livehelp’ option assists clients with personalized help.

On their website there are 17 languages. They can be contacted via phone, email, live chat and Facebook.

In fact, the convenient, one-step login through Google and Facebook makes access to the user menu relatively easier and personalized.

Their easy-to-use automated web form enables airline passengers to check flight status, booking updates or refunds. Clients can obtain accurate information by entering their specific details at the user dashboard area; they can follow through their claim from beginning to the end. One of the best parts of their passenger rights service is the airline compensation claim calculator that lets the user know about the exact possible claim amount. There is an easy and convenient one-step login through Google and Facebook which makes access to the user menu a lot more simple and personalized.

63,000 reviews can’t be wrong!

The company’s high priority is to fulfill passengers’ flight rights. They are very active on all social media channels so that the audience can obtain company news and updates.

On Trustpilot their ratings on the best flight delay compensation companies are very high and on Facebook their satisfied user feedback is also extremely convincing.

Airhelp’s customer data is encrypted to maintain data confidentiality and their data protective measures comply with the EU’s GDPR policy.

”We get you paid, if you’re delayed”

In the services Airhelp provides, there are no hidden costs; clients only pay if their claim is successfully compensated.

Can’t I just do this myself?

  • Many airlines deliberately make it difficult to claim
  • High rejection rate: You may need to hire a lawyer
  • Less than 10% of entitled customers get paid

Click here for more information about passengers’ rights for compensations.

Flight delays happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them. You may be entitled to as much as 600 € in compensation if your flight has been delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last three years.